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'I'm here for you' Student Postcards

Have you ever received a postcard or letter from a friend in the post? It's such a lovely feeling, to know that someone you care about has taken the time to write to you. That's something we could all do with right now. We're missing our friends and whilst a text or a phone call are fine, a little something in the post is an extra special way to show your friends you're there for them at this difficult, often lonely time.

We'd like to invite you all to create a little postcard with some of your own art on it. Open to all students, Years 7-13.

How do I go about it?

Just tape a piece of paper with their name and address on the other side and pop on a stamp. The walk to the post box can be part of your exercise for that day. How lovely to receive something a friend has taken the time to make and send as a postcard in the post!

Once you have made it and before you pop it in the post, take a clear photograph of it and email it into us at

We will set about creating a beautiful Art installation of all your marvellous 'I'm here for you' postcards, for you to see and welcome you back when you return to school. You may send as many as you wish, there's no limit.

Last entries by Friday 12th March.


See this presentation for ideas! Choose something you will enjoy drawing and know your friend would appreciate.

I'm here for you postcard art installati
Download • 466KB

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