Hegarty Maths Top Learners for November

Year 11 Top Learners

Good luck to our Year 11 students doing Maths Mocks this week and well done to our top 5 learners this month. Kenzie has completed nearly 1300 questions which is a phenomenal effort and Emily has done over 15 hours of learning. Altogether the top 5 have done nearly 50 hours of extra learning in maths, that’s over 2 full days!!!

Year 10 Top Learners

Well done to our top 5 learners this month. Jasmine has completed 320 questions and done 16hours of total learning. (That’s over half a day extra learning in maths)

Year 9 Top Learners

Well done to Neil and Manisha who are leading the year 9 board. Congratulations Neil on completing over half a day extra work of maths in your spare time.

Year 8 Top Learners

Well done to Maria and Jaime who have nearly hit the 1000 question mark for this month. Congratulations Maria for over 14 hours of extra learning.

Year 7 Top Learners

Since launching the homework project with year 7 we have had a phenomenal response. Tresor and Tonnington have amassed nearly 3500 questions between them and Tonnington has completed an incredible 24 hours of extra learning. Well done everyone and keep it up.

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