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Health Agency Letter

Health Agency letter 8.12.2022
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Dear Parents,

As you will be aware from recent media reports, the UK is seeing an increase in scarlet fever cases currently. We have received the attached letter from the government to share with you which gives more information about the condition, the symptoms to be aware of, and the actions to take should you suspect your child might have the condition.

Importantly, the letter reminds us that the condition is “not usually serious” and is treated with antibiotics should it arise.

The letter also informs you about a rare complication that could arise from the same bacteria that cause scarlet fever, called Group A Strep. This is a more serious condition than scarlet fever. Although there have been more cases of this during this year, it remains a very rare condition. Again, there is clear advice in the letter about the symptoms and actions to take. Most importantly of all, please follow and encourage your children to follow the preventative measures such as regular, thorough hand washing.

Yours sincerely,

M Calen


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