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GCSE and A-Level grades

Dear Year 11 and 13 students

GCSE and A-Level grades

I hope that you are well and are coping with these strange circumstances. I know that you are working to ensure that you are as ready as you possibly can be for the next stage in your education, and I want to say how impressive that is in our current situation.

I am writing to you today to be very clear about one aspect of the process involved in securing the final calculated grades for your qualifications this summer. As you know, your teachers are being asked to provide an estimated grade for you in each subject you are sitting. Your school will use information on your work and assessments which you completed before the closure of schools on 20th March when they complete this process. The Department for Education have made clear that these grades are confidential and, as such, your teachers cannot discuss them with you.

When teachers have submitted their estimated grades, these will be reviewed across the school as a whole. When this activity has been completed, the Department for Education and examination boards will also review the grades nationally. As such, the Department for Education and examination boards may alter the grades submitted by teachers. This is to ensure that the process is as fair and balanced as possible for all students across the country.

The national result days are scheduled for Thursday 13 August for A-Levels and Thursday 20 August for GCSEs. I would be very grateful if you could share this letter with your parents so that they have the information also.

I wish you every success.

God bless

Neil Lockyer

Chief Executive Officer, St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi-Academy Trust

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