Erasmus Visit - Monday 5th November-Friday 9th November

Recently, English Martyrs was given the opportunity to join a group of European schools in an Erasmus+ project that would last 2 years and give some of our students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This project is called the ‘TRUE’ Project, which stands for ‘Traditions and Rhythms to Unite Europe’. Several months later, we discovered that we had been successful in our bid for a grant from the European Community, so that we could take 5 teams of musicians to visit our partner schools in Romania, Spain, Finland, Italy and France and in our turn host all five international teams at our school in 2020 to host a series of international concerts.

On the 5th November the group set out for the Scoala Mircea Eliade in Craiova, Romania accompanied by Ms Lee and Mr Wilby.

Marguerite: Going on this trip was one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely loved it and I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world, but in fact I would do it all over again. To me the trip was more than just playing music with different students from different schools and countries, but exploring another culture and tradition, making new friends and developing more life skills. We did various activities and saw many different sites. Walking in the towns there were so many lovely sites for us to see. The activities were varied and I loved each thing we did in its own special way. I enjoyed it all.

One of the things we did was to go to the ethnography museum. Here we looked at the story behind the making of bread and the “rhythms of life” in local Romanian history. We first had a talk about the history of the museum and what we were going to see. After the talk we looks around the museum at some tools used in the making of bread and some traditional Romanian costumes. It was fascinating to look around me. I was taken away by everything I saw and the attention to detail in the museum.

Later that day, all the students came together and we had a rehearsal for the concert the following day. It was the first time that we would have heard the other students play and they were all amazing. It was great to be in the presence of so many musicians all playing music. We could really appreciate the fabulous musicians that were practicing in front of us. It was really nice to see a little sneak peek of the performances before the concert.

Overall it was a great experience. I connected with the other students and have made new friendships for life. Thank you to Ms Lee and Mr Wilby for taking us on this magnificent trip. I will never forget it.

Harry: In the second week of November my colleagues and I went on a trip to Craiova, Romania. I had the most amazing time, meeting interesting people, learning about a different culture, and playing music in a beautiful nation.

I specifically enjoyed the end of week concert, as all nations engaged in the Erasmus+ project performed a piece. Altogether there were six nations, Romania, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Finland. We performed the Royal Fireworks Suite by GF Handel.

Bits of the trip I particularly enjoyed: