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Erasmus+ Day 3

Wednesday 9th October 2019

The Erasmus Students in Italy spent a day in central Naples beginning with a fascinating session on law making at the regional parliament, where they participated in role play of how Italian laws are proposed and agreed.

Then followed a terrific afternoon beginning at the archaeological museum, where amongst other things they saw the famous Farnese collection of antique statues brought to Naples by the Bourbon monarchs, as the incredible collection of excavated mosaics from Pompeii.

Afterwards students met master-craftsmen who make musical instruments and learned about the process of making guitars, mandolins and violins as well as the musical properties of the different woods used in the construction. Did you know that a large guitar frame is tuned to an A?

The day concluded with a coach tour of the seafront of the famous Bay of Naples viewing Mount Vesuvius and the isle of Capri.

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