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ePraise Success

Pictured: Lona (8Ca) Winner of the ePraise Shield 2019. Lona achieved 1249 points in the last academic year.

Many Students have made a good beginning to the school year and achieved many ePraise points as a result. Students can spend their ePraise points in the school shop in due course and this year a variety of new items will be introduced. 

So far this year the top 10 students across the whole school are:

Tafadzwa ‎(8Wa) (124 points) Emma ‎(7Mo) (120 points) Leon ‎(10Sh) (119 points) Rowan ‎(10Sh) (119 points) Kieran ‎(10Ca) (117 points) Laura ‎(11Wa) (110 points) Matilda ‎(8Li) (107 points) Kini ‎(7Fi) (104 points) Chanelle ‎(7Sh) (102 points) Nelly ‎(7Mo) (102 points)

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