EM1 Update - 17th January 2020

Dear Parents

School Bus - EM1 Thurmaston, Syston, Birstall

Further to my previous letters about the EM1 School Bus service operated by Total Travel, I am pleased to inform you that thanks to a suggestion from a parent we have been in discussion with Centrebus and they have arranged to divert their current 832 service to start from Thurmaston ASDA from 3rd February 2020 and have also arranged for a larger capacity vehicle to operate this service. This should ensure bus provision for many of you.

Please see below the new route for the 832 Centrebus service from 3rd February 2020.


07:15 Thurmaston ASDA

07:21 Silverdale Drive Shops

07:25 Troon Way, Thurmaston Blvd

07:26 Gleneagles Ave/ Troon Way

07:41 Redhill Circle

07:46 Birstall, Sibson Rd/ Beechfield Ave

07:49 Birstall, School Lane

08:04 English Martyrs’ School

Return journey

14:45 English Martyrs’ School arrive

14:55 English Martyrs’ School depart

15:07 Birstall, Sibson Rd/ Beechfield Ave

15:10 Birstall, School Lane

15:13 Redhill Circle

15:25 Gleneagles Ave/ Troon Way

15:26 Troon Way, Thurmaston Blvd

15:29 Silverdale Drive Shops

15:35 Thurmaston ASDA

The cost for under 18’s using this service is £1.30 single fare.

Weekly tickets £15 (including weekend travel) & monthly tickets £52 are also available to purchase on the bus.

Information regarding this service is available at

I hope this proves a helpful service. Thank you to all who have spoken to Mrs Loakes and for her work in arranging everything.

Yours sincerely

Marius Carney