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Catholic Young Writer Award 2019

Earlier in the year a group of Year 9 students made a pilgrimage to Holy Cross Priory. They wrote about their experience and entered the Catholic Union of Great Britain essay competition. William (10Cl) writes:

All eight of the students of English Martyrs, who entered the Catholic Young Writer Award 2019, an important national competition, have each won a prize. This was an outstanding achievement, as English Martyrs was the only school where all participants who entered were so successful.  The contest’s main goal was to write an essay on three different features in a church of their choice, including for example, the tabernacle, altar and statue of Mary. As a way to aid the students, Mr Boonham led a pilgrimage to the Holy Cross Church, where they gathered the information for their essays. After hours of writing, all of those who entered at English Martyrs definitely deserved their prize for the Catholic Young Writer Award 2019.

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