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Bus route EM1 fare increase

Dear Parents,

Over the past four weeks the bus route EM1 has been running at a loss, due to lack of

passengers, the number of pupils has not been as high as expected (mainly in the morning).

After many discussions with the school, who have been subsidising the service to make up

the shortfall, we have decided to trial a different way of charging which we’re afraid will

include an increase otherwise the service will have to be withdrawn.

From Monday 2nd December the charge will be £3.80 return or £2.00 for a single journey.

The route and times are:

07.30 Thornton’s tyres (Syston)

07.32 Wilkinsons

07.35 Fosseway/St Aiden’s

07.36 Roundhill

07.38 Asda (Thurmaston)

07.41 Highway Rd

07.44 Silverdale Shops

07.46 Tesco Humberstone Lane

07.58 Birstall Garden Centre

08.00 Greengate Lane

08.15 English Martyrs School

This will be a trial until Christmas when it will be reviewed again. We appreciate your



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