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Artists Visit Tate Britain & Tate Modern

This November, the Art department were very excited to take students in Years 11-13 on a visit to London to view artworks by world-renowned artists in two of the World's most famous galleries, Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

Students were able to relate artist work to their own studies as well as experiencing artwork in a professional setting.

Students also saw many famous London sights on the journey, such as Big Ben, the skyline of The Shard, St Paul's and the river Thames. We are thrilled the students enjoyed the Art trip and are delighted to be able to visit the galleries again to give our students the very best learning experiences.

A Year 13 student wrote the following of the experience:

'The trip to the Tate galleries was fun and educational. Not only did I get to see Big Ben, I also saw the work of Gerhard Richter who I am studying in my A Level project. I was amazed to see the large scale of his work and being able to get close allowed me to see the impasto and multiple layers. I especially enjoyed the historical artist at the first gallery, Tate Britain.'

A Year 12 student also wrote:

'This was my first trip to London, and I loved it. I got to see the artists who are inspiring my work. The Turner works gave me an insight into what I should aim to do in my artwork. I also got to see the wonderful sights of London. Overall, the trip was filled with fun and adventure'.

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