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Announcing our new virtual library: Sora

We are delighted to announce that every student at English Martyrs now has access to a virtual library available via their school email logon. The Library, which can be accessed on any digital device, covers a wide range of reading genres including

Young adult fiction, young adult literature, comics and graphic novels, fantasy, thriller, humour, historical fiction, suspense, classic literature, science fiction, mystery, romance, horror as well as variety of non fiction, including philosophy and religion, business, computer science and travel.

The school has paid for the app for everyone so that the library is totally free to all students. There is a video introduction above and you can download the app which makes things easier. You just need your school email address and password to get started.

Some of the books are also audio books, as some people like to mix in some listening into their reading diet.

The app also has the option for teachers to set assignments or specified reading tasks, but during the holidays you are free to read what you like.

We hope that you enjoy this new virtual library. Enjoy your summer holiday reading.

Sora - Getting Started Guide
Download PDF • 225KB

A reminder that you are invited to join the 'Silly Squad' as part of the Summer Reading Challenge 2020

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