Accelerate Programme

Dear Parents

It is good to see that our students are settling well into school life once again. Year 11,12 and 13 are very busy with their many assessments and I have been very impressed by their focus and confidence. We are all very proud of their positive attitude and commitment.

We are now beginning to think about the next academic year, from later August. It is true that, both internationally and in our communities coronavirus is not going to disappear, however we are learning to live differently.

Whilst we can all understand the ongoing problems, we are determined to seize the new opportunities ahead, the gift of each new day and to rebuild what one student described to be recently as “the true English Martyrs Experience”. Therefore, in the new academic year, we will be introducing the A c c e l e r a t e Programme for all years. This is an opportunity to reimagine our core values, embrace Jesus’ invitation to have life abundantly and fully live our motto: ‘May they all be One.’

Accelerate denotes the following values:

Ambition, Challenge, Community responsibility, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Empathy, Rigour, Achievement, Team spirit and Endeavour.

Alongside our strong academic curriculum and high achievement for all, we will focus on developing:

Arithmetical skills

Careers and workplace learning

Character building activities, including Retreats

Extra-curricular programme

Literacy skills

Enterprise education

Retrieval practice: ‘make it stick’

Arts and music

Technology as a learning tool


Needless to say, this will take a great commitment from everyone in the community, but we know we can do it! As part of A c c e l e r a t e we will be building on the changes brought about this year, and continuing to expect that students use digital devices for homework and revision. We also very much look forward to implementing a rich programme of Arts and music performances, shows and plays, competitive sports, spiritual life activities, work experience, expeditions, field work, Duke of Edinburgh Award, public speaking and debating, Science STEM clubs etc.

One of the visible signs of A c c e l e r a t e will be a new school timetable, which will have an additional Accelerate slot each day which will include two sessions of Literacy and Numeracy each week. In order to accommodate this, classes will finish five minutes later each afternoon at 2.50pm. School transport will adjust coach times accordi