Natalia - one of only two people from her primary school

My First Year at English Martyrs' Catholic School

Dear Year 6,


I know for the past while everything may seem tough and unpredictable. You will soon become part of this fabulous school community we have, which I joined last year.

English Martyrs has many exciting and new things to offer, which I hope you will enjoy and take part in. These include a wide variety of school clubs, such as: a Football Club, Drama Club, Art and Design Clubs, a Science Club, any physical activity club and many music lessons where you can even take your instrument home for free!

The first days, or even weeks, things might feel a little confusing. This school is probably bigger than your primary one, but don’t worry, you will find your way around quickly and you will be very proud that you are part of it, just like I am! Believe it or not, I was one of the two pupils that came from my primary school. Beginnings were tough as I only knew one person, but as time went by, I quickly made new friends. The students were very friendly and the teachers were always trying their hardest to help anyone that might have had any problems. On that note, I don’t think you should worry about making lots of friends or getting lost because once you get used to the size of the school and start to meet new people, everything will turn out just right!

As you may know now, you will have different teachers for each subject, unlike in your recent school. They are very passionate about their job and will try to pass as much of their knowledge as they can. Remember to stay focused and follow their advice, as it will help you a lot.

One thing that you should definitely consider is to try and join as many clubs as you like because you can always meet very friendly and kind people with the same interests as you have. For instance, I joined the Science Club, which was held every Monday after school, for an hour and I got to do experiments and learnt different things, which I would have never been able to do at home! I also joined instrument lessons, as I love music!


Of the equipment you should have, and make sure you have on you at all times, the most important is your planner. In our school, we have a sort of notebook called a planner, where we record our lesson objectives and write any important notes, such as upcoming homework received by teachers or rewards. Each student is given their own planner at the beginning of the school year and has to keep it nice and tidy and bring to school every day for every lesson.

You will notice a change of uniform. We look very smart in our uniform and you will look as well. Our uniform might seem completely different to your previous one in your previous school, but take no worry! In the beginning, it might be a bit stiff and you might think you won’t get used to it but our blazers are great, they have many different secret pockets for different purposes, which I find very useful.

Have you wondered how you will travel to school? We have many different options; you can walk, cycle (make sure you have a helmet on), go by car or bus. For me, the most convenient is travelling on the school bus, it is very safe as only the children from our school travel on it and the bus stop is right outside the school gates. Or an alternative option is to travel on a city bus, which also has a bus stop just across the road from the entrance of the school.


You might be thinking about the food and lunchtime, right. This is not a problem because our school has many choices. You can bring your own lunch to school or buy some from our hot or cold food restaurants, with a special card issued by the office where you can top-up on your own by using a machine, situated in the school or ask your parents to do it via ‘Online Payments.’ The hot dinners are delicious and my favourites are the desserts: apple crumble and muffins. Good news, hot chocolate is also available. You can also choose a vegetarian option. Our school has a nut-free policy that all students and staff have to follow; this makes us all safe from allergens.

Another thing I found useful in our school are the lockers. They have many different purposes, just like the pockets in the blazers. The lockers are all around the school in convenient places. You can use your locker for keeping your PE kit, so you don’t have to carry it everywhere you go to, which is what I do and I think this made my life much easier.

Remember that you will be absolutely fine and that there are many people in the same situation as you are. You can always count on the whole community as we are an open and friendly school.

In summary, my tips for you are:

  • Don’t worry about making new friends straight away

  • Stay positive and be open

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can always find help anywhere.

  • Join as many after school clubs as you can.

  • Try the food and desserts from our restaurant.

  • Think of your new school as if it were a new adventure.

  • Enjoy your new school and we all look forward to seeing you.