Morgan tells you about older students

Dear Year 6,

I have found my first year at English Martyrs a little scary at first, but very interesting because of all the different opportunities we were given. There are some lessons that you might not have done in primary school, such as Drama or Cooking. During our first days, some of the older children came to say hello, which we thought was kind of them. Don’t feel intimidated by the older students, they will be friendly to you. I have made quite a lot of friends here through the induction day and form time. Don’t feel nervous, you will be looked after.

The clubs I joined were Design Club, Choir and Football. I think that they are good clubs and you should have a go at them. The thing I enjoyed the most this year was the Christmas pantomine. It was very fun to watch and I hope that something like that happens again. Something else that I really enjoyed was the short visit to Gorse Hill City Farm. In Art & Design we went to the farm, so we could draw some of the animals and get inspiration for our animal drawings we would do in class.

At first, I thought that Year 7 would be really scary, but after a week or two, I really enjoyed it. The best way to get used to Year 7 is to stick with your friends, but remember to try and make some new friends too. If you are feeling worried about anything, there are a lot of people you can talk to such as your Form Tutor, your Head of Year, our Chaplain or an older sibling or friend at school.