Ut omnes unum sint“May they all be one” John 17

English Martyrs’ Catholic School has its traditions and values derived from the belief and love of the Gospel message.

  • The young people entrusted into the care of the school will be encouraged to deepen their knowledge, understanding and love of God.

  • We will foster the talents of our pupils, both academic and personal, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, compassion joy and hope.

  • We recognise that prayer and celebration form the bed-rock of our community and we will provide opportunity for praise, worship and thanksgiving.

  • We shall strive to ensure that all who work in the school are made to feel part of a community.

  • We acknowledge that each of us has an equal worth as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • We recognise that we are here to serve the Catholic community of Leicestershire but we will also welcome all who understand the value of our work in so far as we are able.

  • We will endeavour to maintain close links with the parishes and homes of our pupils and work in partnership with them to ensure their needs are met.

  • We will strive to respond to the changing needs of our community by regularly reviewing our practice and organisation.

English Martyrs' Catholic School, Anstey Lane, Leicester, LE4 0FJ
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