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Luca explains clubs and extracurricular activities

During my first year at English Martyrs, I was scared as any child would be entering a new school with new faces, but you will be ok. I came from a school with 1 class per year to a school with 6 classes/forms per year.


The clubs at our school are amazing and the teachers give you amazing opportunities as I went to a debating competition in Oundle, Northamptonshire. I attend the Drama Club and competed in the cricket competition. Trust me, the teachers will guide you around as you learn your way around the school, but you learn the routes very quickly. Best of all the kids at English Martyrs are very welcoming and caring towards younger pupils.

My advice about school bags and equipment is have two school bags - one for non PE days and one for PE days which is a larger bag. On non PE days all you generally need is your pencil case and diary and any books and on PE days you will need to carry trainers and PE kit. For these days, I have a larger rucksack and carry a carrier bag for my dirty shoes from PE. In my opinion, I didn’t have a locker as I’ve not needed one. I get around it having two bags and I’m super forgetful, but a locker may benefit others a lot. Oh and you should bring a bottle of water too.

I hope you have a great time.


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