Gabriella reassures you

Dear Year 6

How I found my first year

As a year 7, I can say that my first year was better than I expected. I was very nervous at first but the guidance of teachers and other students helped a lot.

Finding your way

One thing that I was worried about was getting around the school. At first it seems huge but you get used to it. Something useful to know is that the teachers guide you around for the first few days so if you are worried about finding your way around, then I can assure you that you get used to it quickly.

Making friends

Some people that came had friends from primary school but I only had two classmates that came, and I was not particularly close to them. After some time I made great friends that I hung out with every day at school. When getting to know people, you’ve probably heard this many times before but, just be yourself.


The teachers at English Martyrs are great. I can say that I’ve learnt a lot. Your form tutors are there for you if you are wondering anything or just need someone to talk to.


There are so many activities and clubs to take part in at school. I have been taking guitar lessons and I find them very enjoyable. Whatever your interest is, there is likely to be something for you.

Overall, my first year at English Martyrs was super fun and educational and I’m very much looking forward to next year. Hopefully, a full year of it.