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Emma introduces you to school life

Dear Year 6,

It's really special to start at this school and you may be a little scared, but do not forget that everyone is here to support you. There are so many people who will be by your side throughout your whole experience, from start to finish.


First of all, your form tutors are amazing. You’ll see them every morning when school starts at 8:25am. There are 6 forms, and you will be placed in one of them. Do not worry, it’s not based on anything about you, not like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter, although that would be cool. And you will also be with at least one of your friends from your old school where possible, although I’m sure you will have no trouble making new friends when you start to meet the rest of your form.


The forms are:

  • St. Edmund Campion

  • St. Margaret Clitheroe

  • St. John Fisher

  • St. Thomas More

  • St. Ralph Sherwin

  • St. Margaret Ward


Your form name is just the surname of the saint’s listed above, in bold.


Your form tutor will tell you a lot about the school, its history, how it works, homework, planners, timetables, and the best part, the restaurant (which is my favourite part of the entire school). If you ever have any questions, you will normally find your form tutor in their class room, their subject office - they will tell you where that is when you first meet them - or in one of the staff rooms.


I think that the school planner is also an amazing thing. You will receive one when you start school along with all the other years. It is a log of all your classes that you take with you to each lesson. It is full of useful information including prayers, the school code, uniform list and much more.


Once you have settled into the school, there are so many opportunities to join different teams and clubs that boost your confidence and allow you to make new friends, from choirs to the drama clubs, from IT club to library monitors and numerous sports clubs. If you are not sure what to try, try them all until you find one you enjoy.


The school may seem very big when you first enter, but believe me, when you get to know where to go it is no longer as scary as you think. Other pupils are always there to lend a hand if you are concerned, however you will be helped at first by teachers, so do not worry about getting lost.


What is important to remember is that we are a Catholic school, we treat each and every one fairly, we look after each other and respect others thoughts and feelings.


I can assure you that you will certainly enjoy your time at English Martyrs.


We look forward to seeing all your bright happy faces in September.




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