JJ tells you about learning!

Dear Year 6s, 

It's your big moment; you are about to enter secondary school. You may be fearing it or maybe you just can't wait for it. Do not worry about it, it will be the best experience ever. I've been at English Martyrs for a year and I am loving every moment.


We have so many subjects that we barely did in primary school. These are Science, Art and ICT and many more... Science is so fun as we explore the acids and alkalis in our very own laboratory. We have so many practicals where we have fun testing out our theories. On one occasion we made boats out of clay, seeing if we could make them float. It took quite a bit of time but it was so much fun. I enjoy having Art and DT twice a week, where we can build and draw. I have created a key ring and drawn an animonster, which is a monster that is mixed with two animals to make a new species! Also when you join Year 7 you are trusted to have a 5 minute interval between classes during that time you walk to a teacher, who is an expert at that subject so they can help you with any question you have as they have done a degree in that subject at university!


Now that I've given you a small blurb about what will happen, you should not be worried but feel prepared to hit a new chapter in your life. 


Hopefully I will see you soon.