Abbey shares her top 5 tips

Dear Year 6

I am writing to you to share about my experience and my incredible time in Year 7. I would firstly like to tell you that English Martyrs is an astonishing school which helps students to be better versions of themselves. It is also great at helping people pursue their lifelong dreams.

When I first started Year 7, I was very shy and nervous as I did not know what to expect, however when I first entered the school, I felt that I belonged as everyone was so friendly and helped me find my way around the school. As you can imagine it was a big step up from being in primary and moving up to secondary school.

When I first started, I hardly knew anyone, so that meant I could make new friends as mostly everyone in the year group was in the same position as me. Being taken to my form was a bit fearful as I didn’t know anyone in my form. In secondary schools you have a form tutor who is in charge of your form. Once I was allocated my seat, I was handed a planner which is where you write all your learning objectives. After that I was taken to my first lesson where we were given an introduction of each subject. At lunchtime I went to try and make new friends and found out I was not the only one feeling lonely. After my first day I felt like English Martyrs was the right school for me.

At English Martyrs there are two restaurants, one hot food and one cold food. I personally prefer hot food as there is a variety of food to choose from and the seating is really comfortable. However, the cold food section serves baguettes and cold sandwiches which is enjoyable to have on a hot day.


Also, there are several netball courts and one AstroTurf and a large field at the top of the school. There are also two sports halls mostly used for PE and afterschool clubs. There is also a beautiful chapel which you will regularly visit. There is also an exquisite library in the Saint Mary's building where you can escape from the outside world and dive into the wonderful world of books.


English Martyrs is a catholic school which is one of the key values of the school. We have regular masses on Friday during form time and on special days for example, All Saints' Day.

In Year 7 there are a lot of responsibilities such as school counsellor, form captains and many more which require patience and understanding. There are a lot of opportunities to represent your form. I personally got invited to speak with an MP which helped me decide on my career, and filled my passion for politics.


My most special highlight of Year 7 was when we got to do a music concert of Stevie Wonder which brought the whole year group together as one. At the same time receiving ePraise certificates which I know you guys will enjoy, brings a sense of reward for your effort.


My Top 5 Tips

  1. Always be prepared for anything. Always have your equipment out ready so you can start learning faster.

  2. Always have your planner out just in case Mr Carney enters the class and always write your learning objectives. Ensure it is neat, up to date and presentable.

  3. Try to join some after school clubs, as it is not just for learning but exploring new talents, sports and to help your healthy brain. Not forgetting it gives you a chance to meet new friends.

  4. If you can’t find your way around always ask a teacher or go to reception if you don’t know where it is.

  5. Always bring your PE kit and dance kit. If you don’t for three times in a row you will get an after school detention. Remember to speak to your dance and PE teacher about why you have forgotten it as well.


Finally, I just want to say English Martyrs is not that scary however I think you will find it far better than primary as you take the next step to becoming an adult.

I hope you found this useful.

Hope you and your family stay safe.